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Sandrine Osman
luthier sandrine osman violon paris rue de rome

Born in Paris in 1982, Sandrine Osman has been working at Pierre Barthel's workshop as a violin maker and restorer for the past 15 years.

Graduated from the Newark School of Violin Making (England) in 2006 after a 4 years course, she travels to New York to work under the guidance of Brice Dupin de Saint-Cyr then to Tel Aviv with Amnon Weinstein.

In 2007, she comes back to France and joins Pierre Barthel's workshop in Paris, settled in the famous Rue de Rome.

Her experience and complete training alongside Pierre Barthel and some of the greatest restorers met over the years, such as Iris Carr (England), Jean-Jacques Fasnacht (Switzerland) and Anna Ediger (Austria), allows her to work on very fine instruments.

Moreover, her will to establish a trustfull relationship with musicians made her understood their needs and search in term of sound, comfort, and playability.

Helping musicians is for her the greatest achievement and joy of her work.

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