Press Review

This page lists few articles, interviews and photographies published in the press or on the internet, about Pierre Barthel workshop, and the expertise of Pierre Barthel violin maker of the rue de Rome in Paris. 


Europe 1 (2019)

Pierre Barthel's interview about Renaud Capuçon's violin.

Vue intérieure de l'Atelier Pierre Barthel

Les carnets de la phonothèque (2018)

Blog Article

Article and interview of Pierre Barthel by the blog "Les carnets de la phonothèque".

Article de journal sur la fabrication d'instruments par l'Atelier

La Provence (2016)


La Provence's article about the making of four instruments by the workshop Pierre Barthel for Easter Festival.

Photographie de Jean PierrePorcher

Jean-Pierre Porcher (2013)


Photo documentary RAVEL "Perfect accord" realised at theWorkshop Pierre Barthel by Jean-Pierre Porcher.

Photographie de Kalel Koven à l'Atelier

Kalel Koven (2012)


Photo documentary at the  workshop Pierre Barthel, "The soul adjuster" realised by Kalel Koven.


Révisons nos Classiques (2019)

Interview Chaine Youtube

Interview of Pierre Barthel in the show "classic meeting - Gautier Capuçon"


France 2 (2017)

TV Interview

Pierre Barthel's interview in the show "The Vicomte de Panette 

check-up, the violin of 280 years of Renaud Capuçon" on France 2.


Radio Classique (2016)

Radio Interview

Interview about Pierre Barthel's magdalen in the show "Classical Passion".

Article du Figaro sur Pierre Barthel

Figaro Plus Musique (2013)


During the Easter Festival, Pierre Barthel was interviewed as a famous violin maker.


France Culture (2012)

Radio Interview

Pierre Barthel's interview on France Culture in the show "Professionals of the profession".


The Strad (2018)


Article and interview of Sandrine Osman, who by her expertise, discover the true owner of a stolen violin.


France 3 (2017)

TV Interview

Pierre Barthel's interview in the show "Orchestra armchair : The violinist Renaud Capuçon" on France 3.


RFI (2013)

Radio interviews

Interviews of Workshop's team, for the show "Listen to Paris", about instruments's sound

Article de journal sur les secrets de lutherie

AixCity Local News (2013)


Aix City Local News's article about the secrets of the violin maker 

Pierre Barthel, as part of Easter Festival.

Article sur la création d'un journal en une semaine

Le Dauphiné Libéré (2009)


During Bel Air Festival, Pierre Barthel made a violin in one week, this article talk about it.

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