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Pierre Barthel

Pierre Barthel luthier gérant Paris

After his studies at Cremona School of Violin Making in Italy, under the direction of Francesco Bissolotti and Gio Batta Morassi, Pierre Barthel settles down in France in 1979.


Passionate by his art, he starts his career as a maker and

perfect his formation as a restorer working with several experimented colleagues in France and abroad.


In 1988 he takes over the management of a workshop located Rue de Rome in Paris. With his new collaborators, his workshop becomes quickly a very well-known place for many French and foreign musicians.


His interest for old instruments, especially Italian ones from the 18th century, brings him to visit regularly auction rooms from all over the world. Giving him the possibility to perfect his eye and to understand better the market of old instruments.


In 1994, he moves in a new place located 60 Rue de Rome in Paris.

Many soloists entrusted him with their instruments for sound post adjustments or restoration work.


Having the privilege to work on prestigious instruments, he develops a passion for expertise.  Moreover, he is often approached by institutions or investors interested in the acquisition of old instruments.


Since September 2005, two violin makers of international reputation, Christophe Landon, in New York and Andreas Post, in Amsterdam, participated in the growth of the workshop in foreign countries.

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