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Mathias PIETRI

Mathias Pietri luthier Atelier Pierre Barthel établi atelier artisanat

Mathias Pietri started training to be a luthier in 2006 at the French international School of Lutherie in Mirecourt in Eastern France, the home of French violin making. There, he studied with Jean-Jacques Pagès for three years.


He continued his training in Lisbon, where he spent nearly four years as the assistant to Christian Bayon, broadening his understanding of instrument making.


During the years in Portugal, he came to Paris regularly for periods of training in Pierre Barthel’s workshop. This enabled him to meet people who would be important for the next stages of his career.


After this, he went to London for six years, where he assisted the luthier Florian Leonhard, deepening his knowledge of restoration techniques.


In August 2019, Mathias Pietri moved back to Paris and joined Pierre Barthel’s workshop. Here, he is responsible for restoration and maintenance work and uses his accumulated experience to give good advice to clients and customers.

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