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Dominique Peccatte's cello bow

We proposed this bow from Dominique Peccatte (1810-1874), silver mounted, realised circa 1845-1850 in gooseneck pattern.


Dominique Peccatte was born in Mirecourt. Nicolas François Vuillaume recommended him to his brother, Jean-Baptiste, when this one searched a brilliant young bow maker in 1826. Arrived in Paris, J.B. Vuillaume directed him toward bow making, placing it under the direction of Jean Pierre Marie Persois. Around 1836, he worked at François Lupot, which he took the workshop in 1838, when this one died. He quickly acquired a great reputation with violin makers and musicians. In 1847, he left Paris and went back to Mirecourt. Like François Xavier Tourte, his style influenced french violin making. His elegant bows, with great personality, are extremely sought after.

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