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Gaetano Sgarabotto's viola


This instrument was made by Gaetano Sgarabotto (1878-1959) during the years 1930-40. He was strongly inspired by the Milanese school of the 18th century. This viola has a body length of 42,2 cm.


Gaetano Sgarabotto was born in Vincenza, where he started his self-educated career of violin maker. In 1901, he joined Milan and worked successively with Riccardo Antoniazzi and Leandro Bisiach. He moved to Parma in 1926, before being named two years later director of the violin making school of the city until 1936. He left Brescia in 1948 before returning to Parma in 1957. We can see in his work a preference for the Amati and Stradivari models. He made some very remarkable old copies including this viola.

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